Saving a cat from death after being poisoned(first video)

Saving a cat from death after being poisoned by a person (first video)
Saving a cat from death after being poisoned

Saving a cat from death after being poisoned

A story of saving a cat from certain death

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In this video, you will see the peak of humanity with which this person treated this poor cat after a person tortured him without conscience and with all brutality

This is how the cat was saved from death

I woke up on a bright and beautiful morning and went out to the garden of our house, and if I saw a cat that could not walk and behave strangely, I approached him and touched him, and he was very afraid. He has milk, but I can't drink it, and I started giving him milk with my hands, and his condition was very serious. Follow the video to see what I did until this cat became completely healthy, as he regained his full strength, thanks to God, and thanks to the first aid I provided him. I followed the matter outside the house after the cat recovered and I knew that the cat was dead. He was given poison by a neighbor near us, and he told me that himself, and I told him why did you do this to the poor cat, and he told me that the cat ate his chicken, and I told him that the cat is just an animal whose mind is not like a human’s. And you make a house for your chickens and you close it at night, then the cat will not be able to eat it, and you will be comfortable and let the cat live in peace



My friends, I advise you not to kill animals, because they also have the right to live. He who has mercy on what is on earth will have mercy on him who is in heaven
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