Saving a cat from death (second video)


Saving a cat from death (second video)

Saving a cat from death (second video)
Saving a cat from death

Saving a cat from death (second video)

The sequel to the story of saving a cat from certain death

After I gave milk to the cat and he started to move after he was convulsive because of the poison, I brought him pigeon eggs because they are the ones that will give him strength and I started giving him eggs. And whenever I give him a dose of eggs, I hold him and massage him in order to move the poison inside his stomach. And suddenly he started to try walking and escaping, but he couldn't because his mind was still confused and he couldn't concentrate. Every time he took a step, I gave him a little milk and held him and turned him upside down so that he would vomit and let out the poison mixed with the milk. Whenever he vomited, I massaged him. The cat started to regain its strength

Watch the video to learn how to save an animal from death



My friends, I advise you not to kill animals, because they also have the right to live. He who has mercy on what is on earth will have mercy on him who is in heaven
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