how to raise rabbits in the summer


raise rabbits
raising rabbits

how to raise rabbits in the summer

Rabbits are pets that do not tolerate high temperatures (more than approximately 30 degrees Celsius), and this is what makes them need special care in the summer, especially in the months between June and August. Failure to take preventive measures with rabbits in the summer may expose them to stress and thus death

Moderate temperatures between 21-21°C are ideal for a rabbit breeding environment

How to raise rabbits in the summer

 The ears of rabbits help maintain moderate body temperatures, and they tolerate cold to a large extent, but they are sensitive in the hot summer months, especially rabbits that are fat or large and very young in age. Among the most important tips that help raise rabbits in the summer are the following

 Ensure that rabbits are in shaded places, especially at noon, by placing their house in the shade, and providing a shaded place for them to play, through the use of sunshades, or placing them under large trees, and it is also recommended to move them into the house if that is possible 

Providing rabbit food that is moist and rich in fresh vegetables, in addition to cold water, with the need to change the water and increase its quantities during daylight hours from time to time, to keep providing cold water to rabbits. It is also recommended to put ice cubes in the water. Regular grooming (hair cutting) of rabbits, as rabbits have thick fur that gives them great warmth, so you should cut as much hair as possible in the summer, in addition to getting rid of the rabbit's hair that has fallen out using a brush

provide as much cold objects as possible; Where large bottles can be filled with water and then frozen, for example, and placed in rabbit huts, so that they lean on them, and help cool their bodies
Provide ceramic floors for rabbits, if possible. Ceramic gives rabbits coolness when walking on it, instead of soil that absorbs air heat, and cooling mats for barns can also be used
Providing rabbit pens with fans or air conditioners in very hot weather, with a note to avoid directing air conditioners and fans directly on rabbits, or having electric fan wires near rabbits
Choosing the right times for rabbits to go out to play; In the early morning or evening hours

How to deal with a rabbit suffering from heatstroke

In the event that the rabbit suffers a sunstroke, some symptoms will appear on it. such as redness of his ears, lethargy, severe panting, or exposure of his body to convulsions, so it is important to treat him quickly, as he can try to reduce his temperature by placing him in a cold room, then placing cold compresses on his ears or his entire body, but if the temperature of the rabbit persists high, it must be taken immediately to the vet clinic, and it is never recommended to immerse the rabbit in cold water, as this may cause him to shock his body’s thermal system, which makes the matter worse


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