Types of pets: all you need to know

Types of pets: all you need to know
Types of pets: all you need to know

Types of pets: all you need to know

Pets are a human companion most of the time, as they contribute to making him feel joy and pleasure, whether in the event of illness or displeasure, and there are many pets that complement people’s lives, but you must take into account choosing the appropriate animal for your personality and lifestyle


Fish are vertebrate animals, as they exist in many shapes and colors, and here is some information related to them


 fish eat ready-made commercial grains, seafood, dried or frozen food; It includes brine shrimp, worms, and plankton


 Reproduction methods vary according to the type of fish, but most fish lay a large number of small eggs


 Most fish species live in warm waters, taking into account the presence of food and oxygen
Its advantages as a pet: it is characterized by its calmness, it is easy to care for, its food is cheap, and it is the best animal for people who do not have enough time to care for their animals, as it comes in beautiful and different colors unlike other pets, and fish do not need bathing and care

the birds

They are vertebrates adapted by flight; It can also run, jump, swim and dive, and is found all over the world and in all habitats, the largest of which is the ostrich, which reaches a height of nine feet, and the smallest is the hummingbird, and here is some information related to bird breeding


Seeds are the basic food for birds, as they like to eat sunflower seeds and peanuts. It can also eat fruits and vegetables, and insects
Reproduction: Male birds make offers to attract the attention of the female. Such as dancing, singing, shaking feathers or changing their color


The cage or dwelling must be large and spacious, and it is recommended that the cage size be at least 106 cubic centimeters, 68 cm deep, 81 cm wide, and 81 cm high for one or two small birds, and the cage must contain shelves so that the bird can stand on it
Its advantages as a pet: Birds are a great friend to people in general, and to the elderly in particular, and birds are distinguished by their social interaction in the surrounding environment, as some species are able to speak, which helps reduce their owner’s stress 

Mammals and rodents 

 Mammals are among the most adaptable animals, and rodents are the largest group, constituting nearly half of the 4,660 species of mammals


 some mammals feed on meat, and others feed on plants, as they live on a diet of leaves, shoots, and fruits, so most rodents prefer plant foods; Like seeds, grains, and small fruits, mice and rats are also carnivores, which means that their diet can consist of animal products as well


Some types of mammals give birth to their young, except for certain types that lay eggs with soft shells. As for rodents, they fall into several categories, as some of them have a short gestation period and produce multiple embryos per year. Pregnancy periods can range between 17-45 days. The number of births may reach four. [19][20] Dwelling: Some types of mammals live as pets at home, as their homes contain toys and trees that help them adapt, and rodents remain in their own cages in homes

 Its advantages as a pet

Many studies have shown the positive effect of animals on both the physical and mental health of humans, as they reduce loneliness, are human-friendly, and reduce the risk of high blood pressure


They are vertebrates covered with a special skin consisting of scales, bony plates, or a combination of the two, and here is some information about their breeding


 Reptiles generally eat fresh foods, including fruits such as; Apple, mango, watermelon, and vegetables such as; lettuce, and other leafy vegetables, and also eats ready-made commercial grains, nutritional supplements, and some small fish or insects


Reptile reproduction depends on the temperature, as some species lay their eggs in a simple nest to hatch


Reptiles live in temperate and tropical environments, as they are cold-blooded, which means that they are unable to regulate the internal temperature of their bodies. For this reason, the temperature of its place must be maintained

Its advantages as a pet

it is easy to handle and very durable, as it is docile and adaptable, and does not require much care


They are small vertebrates that need water or a moist environment to survive, as all amphibians can breathe and absorb water through their very thin skin


 Amphibians eat whatever they can find; Such as insects, molluscs, snails, other frogs, spiders, worms, mice or even birds and bats, and there are a few species that eat one particular food such as some small frogs specialized in ants or termites


Amphibians reproduce by merging the eggs produced by the ovaries inside the female's body and the sperm produced by the testicles in the males, unlike frogs. Some amphibians also use the sense of smell to find a mate, and males generally emit a scent that attracts females for mating


The amphibian dwelling must contain a source of heat and light to stay warm, as well as for some cold areas so that they can self-regulate temperatures, so be careful when choosing a thermal light, as some amphibians may not need it

Advantages as a pet

 amphibians help protect your home from insects; Where you catch and eat them 


They are animals that do not have a skeleton or backbone, and they vary in size, some of which are so small that they cannot be seen, and some of them are large, and they are the largest group in the animal kingdom


 Invertebrates feed on plants, animals, and decomposing organic matter.[31]
Reproduction: They usually reproduce by fission; In some species, sexual reproduction occurs, as well as asexual


Invertebrates live in aquatic environments or on land

Pet Features

Adaptable; They are able to survive in harsh environments, including extremely hot and dry habitats

Information that will help you if you want to own a pet

Here is a set of important information that you should know if you want to own a pet

You should remember her feeding times, clean her house regularly
If your pet is a cat or a dog, make sure you have enough time to play and go for a walk with it
You must have the financial ability to buy her food and take her to the vet
You must provide good housing suitable for the pet
Read complete information about the animal you want to raise

Benefits of owning a pet

Here are some of the benefits of owning a pet

Having pets can help you lower high blood pressure and cholesterol, which can lead to a lower risk of heart attacks in the future
Having pets at home reduces your stress and anxiety, helping you to relax
People who own a pet are friendly and social, as you help them form relationships with others by talking to you about your dog or pet
Having a pet at home improves your immunity against colds and other mild illnesses. Since she spends most of her time outside the home
Developing children's care, empathy and responsibility skills, through their interaction with and care for the pet

The risks of owning a pet

Here are some of the risks of owning pets

Sometimes her presence in the house is considered dangerous for the elderly, as the pet will jump on them and knock them to the ground
Animals can carry germs or parasites and then transmit them to humans, causing many diseases
Animal feces carry different types of bacteria that are harmful to human health

Tips in dealing with the pet to ensure the health of the family

Here are several tips in dealing with your pet to ensure the health of your family

Always wash your hands whether you are playing with them, feeding them, or cleaning them
Your pet should be taken to the vet regularly. This is to ensure his health and the health of your family
You should provide your pet with a good diet, fresh water, and clean housing, as well as plenty of exercise 
Care must be taken to give the necessary vaccinations to the pet to protect it from diseases 
You must ensure that your pet is constantly clean 

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