How often and when do I bathe cats


How often and when do I bathe cats?
How often and when do I bathe cats

How often and when do I bathe cats

How often a cat is bathed depends on many factors. such as the length of her hair, the degree of her activity, and the nature of the environment in which she lives, in addition to the presence of a health problem in her skin, so if the cat goes out a lot to play, for example, then this will necessitate bathing more than cats that often stay at home, but in general it can be said that cats need a bath Once every 4-6 weeks, unless the smell of the cat or the appearance of its hair indicates its urgent need to bathe immediately, and it is worth noting that the cat instinctively cleans itself daily, and this makes the number of times it bathes less compared to other pets

When should a cat be bathed

Some experts in cat breeding find that the cat does not need to be bathed, as it is self-grooming; That is, cleaning its fur by itself with its tongue, unless the cat is exposed to external pollutants from its food, drink, waste, and dust outside, and if the cat is infected with fleas or any harmful parasites, it requires bathing it with a special anti-shampoo, so in some cases, bathing the cat is considered a treatment for diseases. Dermatology

How should you bathe your cats according to their breed

The cat's breed and the nature of its skin and hair affect how often it needs to be bathed. For short-haired cat breeds, brushing the cat's hair once a week may be sufficient. As for long-haired cats, they become very dirty, which makes them need to shower more. It is worth mentioning that cats that do not have fur; Like the Pharaonic cat, it needs to be bathed more than other cats, as a result of the accumulation of fat on it without absorption, so it is generally recommended to consult a cat grooming specialist or a veterinarian about the number of times the cat needs to be bathed

How often can cats be bathed

How often cats should be bathed depends on their age. It is recommended to bathe young cats every three days because of their dirt and their inability to clean themselves, especially in the absence of their mother, and when the cats reach the age of one year and more, they can be bathed once a month; With the aim of getting them accustomed to bathing and their acceptance of it in the future, as for the old or obese cat, it is often lazy or unable to clean itself effectively, and this increases its need for bathing

The difference between outside cats and pet cats

Outdoor cats require more bathing than indoor cats. Outdoor cats are very dirty, and they are more susceptible to pollutants, but this does not mean that indoor cats do not need to be bathed at all, as the accumulation of oils on their skin over time will require cleaning


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