Here's all about raising white chicks



 Here's all about raising white chicks

White chickens or Leghorn chickens are raised to take advantage of their eggs, as they are one of the most egg-producing chicken breeds, as they annually lay more than 280 high-quality eggs, in addition to benefiting from their meat, and in this article we will mention the basics of raising white chicks, whether they are at home or farms

White chick care requirements

Caring for white chicks generally requires their presence in a healthy and clean environment, appropriate feeding of high-quality feed, in addition to providing them with ample space to give them a sense of freedom, and the following are the most important details about what white chicks need from care

chicken coop

White chicks prefer wide spaces to move comfortably, so it is important to provide them with a chicken house of approximately one and a half square meters for each 5 chickens. It is also recommended to provide ceilings of different heights inside the chicken coop to allow them to jump on them, and to relieve the stress of staying in a confined place, in addition to providing mattresses Suitable for the barn, such as straw or sand, and the allocation of nesting areas for chicken eggs, and it is also worth noting the need to ensure that there are no openings in the chicken coops, even if they are high, as the chicks usually tend to escape

It is preferable to allocate a fenced outdoor area for the chicks so that they can practice some of their innate behaviors. such as searching for food, digging and running, and it is also important to ensure that it is in a safe place away from its predators, in addition to isolating the chicken coop in the winter, to provide a warm place for it

Feeding white chicks

It is good that white chicks do not need large quantities of feed, as they eat less than other chicken breeds, but it is important to provide them with a variety of foods, to make sure that they get all the nutrients they need, especially feed rich in protein and calcium to support the health of chicken and eggs, It is also possible to provide calcium supplements to chicks to improve the quality of eggs, which can be purchased from approved places for poultry care, or prepared at home by grinding some eggshells and then adding them to chicken feed

Cleaning the chicken coop

It is important to provide a clean environment for white chicks by cleaning the chicken coop (the coop) at least once a week, and making sure that the chicken house floor bed is free of moisture, to protect chickens from diseases resulting from attracting fungi and pests, and it is also important to get rid of chicken droppings from 3 to 4 times a week, and provide the necessary ventilation for the barn

Challenges of raising white chicks

The breed of white chickens or the Leghorn chicken breed is characterized by its lack of strong tendency to reproduce, which requires its reproduction by incubating its eggs in industrial incubators, and despite the necessity of this, but the breeding chickens from incubating natural chickens are the best, and it is also worth noting that obtaining chicks from chicks White chicks will require adequate brooder space, and additional monitoring after being placed with larger chicks

White chicks have some behaviors that may cause annoyance to their breeders, such as their curiosity and messing around with everything around them, so you find them searching everywhere for food, and they prefer moving in large areas, and moving from one place to another constantly, and this is what makes controlling them difficult in most cases. It is worth noting that white chicks are moody and not social. They do not like interaction with humans, so they cannot be kept with the aim of raising them as a pet

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