Signs of mating zebra birds


zebra birds
Signs of mating zebra birds

  Signs of mating zebra birds

Zebra birds are among the most famous ornamental birds, which are sometimes referred to as birds of paradise, or birds of paradise, and they are small birds whose length does not exceed 10 centimeters, and their weight does not exceed 15 grams. They are characterized by permanent activity, and tend to be social so that they live in groups, whether in the wild. Or inside cages, and their color is often dark gray, which is their natural color without the presence of genetic mutations. As for the mating of zebra birds, they reach adulthood and search for mating at the age of about three months, as they begin to change their behavior in order to bring the partner, and to find out what If the zebra birds are about to mate or not, we will complete this article to clarify the most prominent signs of this, which are in the form of a change in the bird's behavior

What are the signs of mating zebra birds

Hostile and defensive behaviour

This behavior appears in the male zebra bird, which is a natural instinct so that the bird can obtain a suitable and safe location for its nest, as it attacks any birds that approach the nest site, and on the other hand, the male zebra may attack the female if she is not ready to mate, so it is advised Separate them if this happens


Both male and female zebras perform courtship movements, often represented by singing and dancing, and it should be noted that the female may initiate courtship with the male, by carrying strings or straws in her beak, as a metaphor for her desire to form a nest, while the male usually courts through tweeting with different tones, in addition to performing movements such as blowing the chest feathers, jumping from one place to another, and directing the tail towards the female, and there are many movements that the male performs to attract the attention of the female

Acceptance of couples

Staying side by side permanently, even during sleep, is one of the most prominent signs of female acceptance of the male, in addition to some actions that each performs for the other, such as cleaning and grooming feathers, and all of this may precede in the courtship stage that the female begins to imitate the movements and tweets of the male

nest building

After compatibility, both the male and the female start building the nest, and the zebra birds are distinguished by building the nest in the form of a fabric of threads and straw on tree branches, but inside the cages, they are usually provided with artificial nests in the form of boxes or hollow balls, however they need burlap threads or straw, as well as strips of paper or cotton, to weave a suitable ground for the eggs


After completing the construction of the nest, the zebra birds begin the mating process, which takes place by the male sitting on the back of the female, where the pairs of zebra birds repeat this process over the course of laying eggs, in order to produce fertilized eggs, and after completing the laying of eggs, which ranges from Between 4 to 5, on average, it takes about two weeks to hatch. As for the mating cycle of zebra birds, it needs about two months, and they can mate throughout the year as long as the conditions are appropriate.


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