All you need to know about dog training


dog training
dog training

   All you need to know about dog training

To have a good dog, it must be well trained, and when you train it, several ways of communicating arise; For example, speech, movement of hands, and whistling, as dogs can understand what their owner needs from them; There are several ways to train dogs, but you must find what suits you and what suits your dog

Types of dog training

Here are the most popular types of dog training

dog training
dog training

     Behavioral training

It is one of the basic types of training that must be taught to dogs from a young age, by training the dog to behave well with other animals and people

     Obedience training

Focuses on making dogs obedient to their owner, and includes commands such as sitting, lying down, and others

     Flexibility training

  Intended for dogs that participate in dog sports; such as jumping and racing, and the dog should not be touched during training; Therefore, you should focus on vocal and physical gestures

     Vocational or skills training

Dogs have the ability to learn many skills, including learning how to hunt, conducting search and rescue work, and others

The most important skills to be taught to dogs

dog training
dog training


Here are the most important skills that must be taught to dogs

     Accept strangers amicably
     Coming as soon as you call him
     Sit, go, come, walk and other commands
     Teach him to pay attention to you when you talk to him
     emergency summons training; It is used in emergency situations, such as when about to run in front of cars
     Teaching him to walk alongside you when you use a harness, this means preventing him from pulling on the reins

Dog training methods

Here are some ways to train dogs

     Positive reinforcement

  Reinforcing the dog with rewards, and thus repeating good behavior and actions in order to obtain more rewards, while paying attention to not rewarding him when he does something bad

     Clicker training

It is based on the positive reinforcement system, and before using this tool your dog needs to get used to it and adapt to it, such as associating it with performance, good behavior, and receiving a reward

     Electronic training

This training relies on the use of an electric collar that delivers a mild electric shock when your dog does not do what is required of it

     Alpha training or dominance training

This training builds on your dog's instinctive mindset and creates a relationship between submission and dominance. This method includes understanding the dog's body language and responding accordingly, showing authority and confidence, your dog can sit near the door if he wants to go out, or if he wants to eat, he should sit quietly when preparing food

     Relationship coaching

It depends on strengthening the bonds between the dog and the owner, so the owner must read his dog's body language and be aware of it, and know the type of rewards he prefers, and when he rejects an act, the owner must know the reason instead of punishment

Methods of training small dogs

Small dog behavior needs to be trained using obedience training, here it is


Training the dog

    Training the dog to orient and get used to his cage

    Training the dog to orient and get used to his cage

When the puppy enters its crate, you can reinforce it each time it uses this behavior, and you can feed it inside its crate to encourage it

    Rules for going to the toilet

You can set special rules within your home regarding the puppy's use of a certain place to defecate, you have to be firm in the event that the puppy violates this rule

     Training him to be social


Training him to be social
    Training him to be social

Training him to meet new people or other pets will help him stay calm while out of the house, and not be frightened, in addition to increasing his self-confidence

     Training not to bite and not to bite furniture

Puppies are going through a teething phase, so they may love biting and gnawing on the wood in the furniture, you can prevent it by using some biting toys

Things to avoid when training dogs

Here are some things to avoid when training dogs

    Repeating the command

The dog may be distracted, or it may not pay attention to you while you command it, so you have to repeat the command several times and then get the desired response. If you do this, it may teach it that it is okay for it to respond after several times; To solve this problem, you can attract his attention to you and then train him in the required command

     Linking it to something he hates

  When training a dog to obey commands, it should not be associated with an activity that it hates or with something that it hates, especially at the beginning of training, such as training it on the command to come during a bath that it hates

    Repeat the same method during training

You can try different ways to train your dog when he is not responding to the goal and expect different results

Other important dog training information

Benefits of dog training

Here are some of the benefits of dog training

     gives security to the dog

His obedience to your commands may prevent him from getting into conflicts with other dogs or other animals or endangering himself if he goes out into the street

   Safety at home

He learns to distinguish between good behavior and wrong behavior, thus not causing chaos or destroying the house, in addition to refining his behavior in his dealings with the rest of the family

     Build a close, long-term relationship with the dog

  Training builds a relationship based on mutual respect between you and the dog, and trust and respect for you

    Social interaction

  With training, the dog can interact well and safely with other people

Tips when training dogs

Here are some tips when raising dogs

     the dog does not understand your language; When he does wrong behavior, you must not say no to him, but rather teach him good behavior

     Be quick to reinforce or praise him

     When you feel sad or upset, your dog feels it; So you have to be positive

     Change the tone of your voice when calling him; And even if you don't call him, just be happy when he comes to you and reinforce him

The daily duration required to train dogs

You can start training the dog for 20 minutes, so that the duration of the session does not exceed five minutes and is distributed throughout the day, especially for puppies; Due to their short attention span, it is not necessary to train them in the session to obey orders, but rather your interaction and communication with them is considered a session as well

Tools used when training dogs

Here is a list of the tools used

Food rewards

It should be small and easy to eat quickly

the cage

  It is a safe, comfortable space for the dog and should be the happiest place for them to be

 Click tool

A small, hand-sized tool that is used for dog training

The collar or shield

  One of the important things to control the dog, and the flat collar is one of the positive reinforcers for the dog, while the shield is used with heavy dogs that are difficult to control while walking with them

It must be 6 feet tall
* Bag of boosters
  Helps you keep boosters close to you, as it sits on the waist
* Relaxing tools
Like a shield, it helps relieve stress in the dog in case he is in a state of panic at the sound of lightning; There are some sedatives that can be given to the dog in case of stress, and the veterinarian may prescribe them

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